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The Office of Sheriff

Please allow me the opportunity to offer you some of my thoughts on serving the citizens within Bureau County. The Office of the Sheriff, by its Constitutional origin, serves as an officer to the Court and as the custodian of the jail and courthouse. Following this, and more importantly to the citizens of this county, I am here to serve and protect them in every way possible. Protection is the part left out by the legislature. The citizens of Bureau County recognize the Sheriff as their law enforcement representative first. As such, most of our resources in manpower is consumed through proactive and reactive law enforcement and doesn’t leave much for our victim’s aftercare. I only wish that my staff and I could provide more.

My first step in serving the victims of crime(s) remains in providing what I can in the way of understanding, yet forceful and effective law enforcement. I do not wish this Office to be a social service agency, with psychologists and psychiatrists on staff. I feel that is best left to those specialized agencies. In addition, I will always oppose furthering the bureaucracy that has become so apparent within our government. I will fight for your rights. We are your law enforcement. We investigate and apprehend those criminals who will take advantage of the public in our community (our county). I (and the citizens of Bureau County) am very fortunate as Sheriff, to have a staff of Deputy Sheriffs who truly care about helping the public whom they serve. The men and women, who answer the telephones, care for the prisoners, drive the
police cars and perform investigations, do so because they care and really wish to help our community. They are your neighbors and are professionally serving you.

After taking this office, I’ve tried to relay to the staff the human side of how they serve. Those of us, who serve society in the capacity of law enforcement officers, should (in my humble opinion) do so with understanding and compassion, combined with the strength and knowledge necessary to do the job. We’re not trying to make money for the county through the use of our enforcement positions. However, if a speeding violation occurs in the proximity of a school zone, it becomes a safety issue for the sake of our children, and we will take every appropriate action to insure our children are safe. When called or dispatched to a victim, it’s important your law enforcement officers perform as professionals, but even more so, they must demonstrate compassion and understanding. During each call that is dispatched, Deputy Sheriffs’ are the source of support for an individual or family who is enduring their own personal crisis. Whether it is an accident, incident or violation of the law, we don’t have the option of allowing these calls to become routine. With every new call, the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff(s) must intervene with one primary thought…"how can I help my neighbor?"


Sheriff John Thompson


Sheriff John Thompson is a graduate of the FBI National Academy

The FBI National Academy is considered the most prestigious law enforcement school available. The academy has long been a vital element in the continuing improvement of law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation throughout the world. The FBI National Academy provides a wide range of leadership and specialized training, as well as an opportunity for professional law enforcement officers to share ideas, techniques, and experiences. Attendees are invited after being nominated by their Chief / Sheriff. Once nominated, the Officers undergo an extensive background check and interview process. Admission to the FBI National Academy is very limited: only 1/2 of 1 percent of all law enforcement in the free world is invited by the Director of the FBI to attend the academy. Law Enforcement officers from around the world submit to concentrated studies and demanding physical training for eleven weeks.


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