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Administrative Office
700 S Main St
Princeton IL 61356

County Jail
22 Park Ave West
Princeton IL 61356

Phone: (815) 875-3344
Fax: (815) 875-2452
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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Requests for information from the Office of the Sheriff require written submissions to:

Contact: Sheriff Jim Reed (FOIA officer)
Address: 700 South Main Street
City: Princeton, Illinois 61356

Purpose of the Office of the Sheriff

The Office of the Sheriff of Bureau County is established by the Illinois Constitution and is further defined within the Illinois statutes 55 ILCS 5 Divisions 3 6. This statute states (however shall not be considered limited to) that:

"…Each sheriff shall be conservator of the peace in his or her county, and shall prevent crime and maintain the safety and order of the citizens of that county; and may arrest offenders on view, and cause them to be brought before the proper court for trial or examination.” And,“… [Each Sheriff] shall have the custody and care of the courthouse and jail of his or her county.” Additionally, “The office of Supervisor of Safety is hereby created for each county to be held by the Sheriff of the county.”

Budget and Staff

The Office of the Sheriff of Bureau County currently employs thirty seven (38) sworn and non-
sworn full-time personnel and has a current (2010/2011) annual operating budget of $2,452,523.

General information or documentation that is maintained by the Office of the Sheriff includes but is not limited to the following:

Arrest, Offense, Incident, Investigation, Public Service, Traffic Crash, Training, Payroll, Inmate/Detainee, Jail and Courthouse Building Maintenance, Service of Process.

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